Please answer the following questions:

Do you believe that you exhibit a typical conflict style? If so, why do you think you use that style? Are there aspects of a situation or of the other parties in a conflict that influence the conflict style you use?

Would you want to have an organization that is free of conflict? Why or why not?

Your response should be a 2 to 3 page reflection (500-word to 600-word) on the above discussion questions.

Make sure that your paper includes the following:

Template provided in the drop file

Make sure to incorporate key concepts from the course and textbook into your response. Support your view point with- at the very least- your textbook with the use of proper APA style in-text citations. Choose a direct quote or paraphrase from the experts, then discuss (in your own words) why it is important to your overall point. 

APA references (not included in word/page count)

Cover sheet (not included in word/page count)

Do not include an abstract 


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