Write a 300 word APA format paper with in-text citation and a reference page. 

Using specific principles drawn from Lesson 5 of our text Style: Lessons in Clarity and Grace, identify at least three ways that the following paragraph would benefit from more clarity. Suggest specific solutions.

It was already getting kind of dark when James was picked up by his dad in his truck for the ride home to his house. James turned in his seat and looked at his dad in the dim light of the dashboard for a feel of his mood. James didn’t care for what he saw because he took his dad’s rigid jaw to be a sign of tension, probably because of another bad day at his dad’s job. James knew his dad was hated by his boss because of that time at the party. James wondered how his dad’s day had been and if he would read to him from his story book tonight or if his dad would just take the newspaper into his bedroom straight from the table and want to be by himself. James didn’t know but he made up his mind to be extra helpful for his mom in case his dad was sad so she wouldn’t cry again tonight.

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