Select one of the following important contributors to the field of early childhood education or a current early childhood issue from this week’s readings that has not yet been addressed in the discussion board.  Be sure to clearly identify your choice in your subject line, so your classmates will not duplicate your discussion.

Important Contributors to ECE: Comenius, Locke, Rousseau, Pestalozzi, Steiner,  John Dewey, Patty Smith Hill, Lucy Sprague Mitchell, Abigail Eliot, Arnold Gesell, Susan Isaacs

In your first paragraph, reference information from your text or other scholarly sources and summarize the main contributions or ideas of the significant person or the main points of the issue and describe why it is important to early childhood education.  Using the Biblical Philosophy of Children reading or the Bible as a source, describe any Biblical connections to their ideas that you find or note where their ideas are in opposition to the Scriptures.  If you’ve chosen a current issue, what Scriptural teachings are relevant to your chosen topic?  Since your textbook just barely touches on each of these topics/educators, you may have to do a little bit of your own research to present an interesting post.  

In your second paragraph, use one of the suggestions below to apply what you’ve read and studied to the early childhood classroom.  You can present a classroom activity or strategy that might help a child/family who is facing the issue.  If you chose a person who contributed important ideas, you can present an activity or classroom approach that applies that line of thought to the early childhood setting.  You could describe how this is an important issue for you as a future early childhood professional or why you agree or disagree with this person’s philosophy.

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