Discuss diversity in American classrooms and how to harness that diversity to build on it to improve student performance.  Moreover, what can teachers do to use student’s cultural diversity to improve their performance in school?

An annotated bibliography is a list of sources and a description of those sources. The sources are listed as citations – author, title, year published etc. – and the collection of citations is called a bibliography. The descriptions are called annotations;  they must be at least 300 words – and must include an evaluation of the source.

You must create an annotated bibliography using at least fifteen sources documented in APA style


Search and annotate15 articles(10 web-based articles, 5 scholarly journal articles) that investigate or discuss the relationship between poverty and school performance and prepare an annotated bibliography in APA format. All sources must be within the past 5 years. 

Journal Article Guidelines -include a summary of the article, statement of the problem or issue discussed,  author’s purpose, approach or methods, hypothesis, and major conclusions or findings. 

Web-Based article Guidelines – include a summary of the article, five main points that the article discusses and a concise description of the article or its major features.

Provide a full APA citation for each article. If you have questions about any aspect of this assignment, please email me.

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