Mini-Paper 7 on the Frontline episode “Digital Nation” comprises four sections:

  1. Summary – summary of BOTH arguments that a “digital nation” is good, and that a “digital nation” is bad (bullet list)
  2. Comparison – comparison and contrast of the two arguments
  3. Defense – defend either the “digital is good” or the “digital is bad” argument by using your “best school” of ethics
  4. Application – discuss how you would apply your “best school” of ethics to Scenario 2 on page 314, “Paul ‘Cougar’ Rambis is an Iraqi War veteran…” Answer the questions posed by Tavani: “Does this policy still seem…” “If Cougar’s artificial leg…” “On the other hand, if…” In other words, does it…” & “What would you decide…”
  5. Mechanics – Include all four of the following items: all sources are cited in APA 6th edition format, graduate-level grammar, all four sections are appropriately labeled (as Summary, Comparison, etc.), and word length is correct (100-200 words per section).
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