This assignment is multiple parts, but you will be turning in one document.

1. Choose four assessments that demonstrate the integration of assessment into instruction to promote the learning of all students. These assessments must give strong evidence of designing, selecting, and employing a wide variety of formal and informal assessment tools to match educational purposes. These assessments should show student work and clear evidence through marking up that you are helping students develop self-assessment skills and are encouraging them to reflect on their performances.  Research supports the notion that teacher markups on assessments greatly improves student learning. Please remove or black out students’ names from the assessment before scanning, copying or photographing. You need to choose three formative assessments and one summative assessment.

2. Complete a write-up (2-4 pages) for each of the four assessments. The write up of each assessment must include:

You may submit all of the write-ups separately or copy/paste them into one document. Once you have completed your write-ups, please submit them. 

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