Part 1 

Decision Making in Curriculum

Use the Library to research decision-making models in education. Complete the following:

Discuss your findings in a 4–6-page paper. Reference your textbook and other information found in the Library and on the Internet. Your paper should include a cover page, abstract, introduction, and conclusion.

Decision-Making Models

Schools of Philosophy

Educational Philosophies

Part 2 Power Point – Master Educators 

Presentation 5-7 slides

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that explains your independent project idea. Assume that you are making a presentation to an approval committee for permission to move forward on your project. Include the following:

This presentation should focus on your anticipated personal growth from participating in a graduate level capstone experience and provide a reflection opportunity for you to tie your core and specialization content mastery. Remember to use brief bullet points, charts, graphs, and other appropriate visuals. Presentation should reflect mastery of tool and design. Use the Notes feature to include your presentation script. Include supporting sources as necessary. Be sure your presentation product reflects a graduate level work product.

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