Crime  Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) long established  operations currently used across the globe but not problem free  operations. (Fennelly, 2017).  The environmental design approach to security recognizes the space’s  designated which often related to CPTED solution process. Effective  physical security designing process must focus on internal and external  use facility space to prevent crime.  CPTED’s objectives falls on  designing and implement effective use of space, implement toughening  approach on crime prevention. Facility hardening is a standard measure  that must fully implemented to deny access to a crime target through  physical and artificial barrier techniques such as locks, alarms,  fences, and gates to protect the facility, access control and  surveillance system to make environments sterile, unsightly, and  unfriendly. 

1. Provide comprehensive narrative to confirm advantages and disadvantages of CPTED on residents of urban community.

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