Last week we began working on the creation of the Community Child  Development Center proposal by developing activities to promote physical  development.  In this week’s discussion, you have added to that by  focusing on activities and toys that promote cognitive development. 

 In  this assignment, you will begin to create the overarching structure of  your proposal.   The focus of this outline to is to present as clear a  picture as possible of your proposal so that you may receive feedback  which will guide you as you create your final project. Please refer to  the Final Project guidelines for more information on the Final Project  as you prepare the outline of your proposal.  Using the PSY 104 Community Center Proposal Template,  you are to identify all of the activities and objects for each of your  five rooms. Remember that you have already completed three activities in  week two, and your discussion this week will add an additional activity  and a toy.  Be sure to incorporate those elements into your outline!  You do not have to flesh out the details; the outline will just provide  the blueprint for where you are heading.  Remember that each room must  contain two activities and one toy or object.  Each room must address  physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development.  In addition, each  room must address at least one theme.  The outline can be formatted in  bulleted points like this:

Paragraph 1

Paragraph 2

Paragraph 3

Paragraph 4

The Community Child Development Center Proposal Outline

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