Suggested Pages 5-6 page, not including title page, abstract, and reference page(s)  

In this assignment, you will deconstruct a scenario, and using various learning theories and philosophies, you will identify the importance and value of creating a personalized learning plan. This learning event provides an opportunity to put theory into practice to meet the needs of diverse and unique learners. In this scenario, you will analyze critical factors to determine what best practices are needed to foster growth and development by creating a learning plan that is designed to meet the needs of the individual learner.


Bill is 48 years old and has repaired lawn mowers in his small shop in Fairview, Tennessee for the last 8 years. He is about 30 miles from Nashville, Tennessee, and he is just 12 miles from Dickson, Tennessee. He has deliberately kept his business small to control costs and complexity. Last week, he received a bulletin from this leading tractor manufacturer that it is introducing a new model with a new computer-based monitoring system. Although he has dealt with limited applications of computer chips in these machines, this is a much more sophisticated application. He knows that several of his customers own this brand of mower and that they are likely to buy the new models. He wants to learn how to repair these computer-based monitoring systems. In the bulletin, the company announced a limited number of seminars at the manufacturing plant in Horicon, Wisconsin. It has also announced a series of Webinars and online training sessions for the new innovation. There is also a manufacturer’s service manual for the new models. Bill cannot take time off or afford to travel to the seminars.

Answer the following questions based on the scenario:

Use research, and APA format to construct your response. Your paper should include a title page, abstract and reference page along with the content.


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