Assessment item 2

Major Assignment – Part 1

Value: 35%

Due date: 17-Apr-2017

Length: 2500-3000 words (Repot Format)


This Major Assignment is in two parts and together creates a complete International Business Report. This assessment item is Part 1 of this report.

Your task is to:

Most companies have websites from which you should be able to acquire sufficient information to address this assignment task. Students may choose to conduct this analysis on their current workplace organization. However, if choosing your own organisation the country selected must not be one in which your company currently operates. If you are having trouble identifying an organization for this report, then please contact the lecturer who will be able to provide you with a choice of companies based on case studies. Note that you need to ensure that you refer to the theory covered in the topics 1 to 6 within your report and find additional relevant literature. This should not be a general descriptive report, but rather must be a report that explains the relevant theory relating to international business, as well as using it to analyze the environment. That is, when providing data on type of government or economic factors you should not just state the information but you should also explain how it is significant and why it is of interest/importance to your organization. Your assessment should be prepared in report style format and should include the following content:


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