Complete the University of Phoenix: Mental Health Matrix.

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Mental Health Matrix

Complete the following matrix by selecting three mental health problems that affect older adults.

Define the mental health issue, list a program available to assist with the issue, discuss how the programs help address or solve the issue, and identify potential gaps or improvements that could be made to the programs. The first row of the table provides an example.

 Mental health issuePrograms available to assist with the issueHow the programs help addressor solve the issuePotential gaps orimprovements that could be made to the programs
ExampleDepressionCenters for Disease Control and Prevention’s Healthy Aging Program·         Links public health departments with aging-services networks that assist with mental health issues·         Collects data to monitor the effects of depression on older adults, helps states assess their state and local data, gathers evidence for effective community-based programs, and promotes evidence-based interventions that can help adults maintain healthy outlook·         Public health departments may not be aware of all aging-services networks that address mental health issues. ·         Aging-services networks may not be aware of the public health departments that address mental health issues for older adults.
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