Unit 8 Assignment: Community Resources for Children with Diverse Needs

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This final written assignment is due Wednesday at 11:59 p.m.

Points: 32

As an early childhood teacher, you have a professional and ethical responsibility to both children and their families. In this assignment, you will demonstrate your understanding of your role in helping families to find and utilize effective support services for their children’s diverse needs. The specific topics are 1) children with disabilities and 2) homeless families. You will need to reflect on the readings and videos for this unit as well as information you have learned earlier in the course. Your final product will be either: 1) a paper that is a minimum of two double-spaced, APA formatted pages (not including the Title and Reference pages) or 2) a completed chart. **For either format, you must include a Title Page and Reference Page.

Review the attached Assignment Instructions and Grading Criteria.  Submit your completed assignment by Wednesday, 11:59 p.m (EST).

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