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Use Assessing Student Learning: A Common Sense Guide to read the following:

Use the Internet to read the following:



For this Question, you will apply what you have gained from the readings about the misunderstanding of and the resulting resistance to assessment efforts. You will also propose known strategies for navigating the resistance to assessment, as presented in the readings. In this real-world, on-the-job, practical question, you will assume the role of a member of student services or an academic department or a program that serve students. Those who work in your academic department or program are expected to collaborate on implementing an assessment plan, but there has been some resistance. You will create two email messages:

  1. The first to a supervisor who has asked you to look into the controversy regarding assessment. 
  2. The second to a colleague, a co-worker you have heard complain about “what the administration is expecting us to do now.”


Submission Requirements

Your submission should meet the following requirements:


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