PS380:Clinical Psychology

Unit 7 Assignment: Understanding and Utilizing the Cycle of Change

1.            In about 1 page or 250 words, summarize the stages of the Prochaska Model of Change. Is this a linear model (please take the time to examine the model closely before addressing this aspect of the assignment)? If not, what is it and why?

2.            Think about your client in terms of the Prochaska Model of Change. You may interview your subject further if you wish. Tell what stage your client is in the Prochaska Model of Change. Explain more about his/her problems and situation. What are the clues that tell you the person is in that stage according to the Prochaska Model?

3.            What interventions will help your client most to move to the next stage in the model of change (be specific with your recommendations and base them on what you have learned as a result of the course reading materials).

4.            How is resistance affected when you are intervening and doing therapy from the Prochaska Model?

Now that you have this understanding, you can also apply what you have learned to improve your own success in achieving your behavior change goals.

Each paper should include:

·              A title page

·              The paper itself (the “discussion”)

·              Correct APA formatting for in text citations

·              A reference page

·              Use standard margins: 1″ on all sides.

·              Use standard 12-point Times New Roman Font.

·              Use standard double-spacing: 22 lines per page.

·              Use left-aligned text. Do not right-justify.

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