Climate and Learning Environment<    Each of the positions or jobs listed in Week 1 take place in a specific location within the Multigenerational Center. As a future employee of one of these spaces, you will be designing the environment in which you will work. Depending on your field of study and/or your job role, the questions you might ask yourself and the environmental factors you may consider could vary. For example: •As a librarian what are the things that will be important to consider? Integration of technology, lighting, available resources, and so forth will all be important to the design of each environment. Learning environment design for both children and adults has been shown to have tremendous impact on learning. •As an instructional designer, consider the different elements that should be considered when presenting material digitally or when creating an online classroom. How will your clients interact? What will their environment need to be like? Sometimes the environment in which instruction will take place will influence the design of the learning materials or activities. If you have selected to work with the senior center, there are even more considerations for an environment that is suitable for seniors. Young children also have unique needs. •And so on for each program…  To prepare for this post: •Think about the ideal environment that you will create for your role (that you applied for and were hired for) in the learning center. •Check out these resources for ideas and suggestions. ◦Renovated Learning: Building a Culture of Creativity + Discovery in Education (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. ◦The Art of Innovation: Designing Learning Spaces for a Creative, Collaborative Future (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.   Consider thinking of outside-the-box opportunities for creativity and innovation in the space that you are designing such as collaborative learning space, interactive social environments, noise, and supervision of clients.  In your initial post, •Include the position and environment in which you will be working in the learning center. •Describe the ideal environment that includes ◦The physical setup ◦Any special considerations as well as an explanation of why you have selected to set things up the way that you are.

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