this assignment is due in 9 hours…… must have done in 9 hours….. no late work…..   Child Development……  

Fill out the attachment….. based on California USA …..

Fill out the attachment DRDP 

You can make up a child name and date of birth must be 11/08/2016 on form 

Watch video which has more information on how to fill out DRDP 

2.  Print and complete one measure from each domain.  From your observations, work samples, interactions with the child, how would you assess them?  

(7 measures x 3 points = 21 points)  The following measures are off the Preschool Instrument.  If you choose infant/toddler or school-age the numbers of the measures may be different, but you still need to choose a variety of measures from across the domains to have 7 total.

Domain #1:   Approaches to Learning:  Self-Regulation  (7 Measures)

Domain #2:  Social and Emotional Development (5 Measures)

Domain #3: Language and Literacy Development (10 Measures)

You can skip Domain #4:  English Language Development as it may not apply to the child you are observing.

Domain #5: Cognition, including Math and Science (11 Measures)

Domain #6: Physical Development:  Health (10 Measures)

Domain #7: History – Social Science  (5 Measures)

Domain #8:  Visual and Performing Arts (4 Measures)

Domain #4:  English Language Development is for children whose home language is something other than English. Therefore, you do not have to do this domain (unless you choose a child who is a non-English speaker – then you can do it for your own information!) 

You must record evidence for each measure (an anecdotal record.)  The DRDP is so nice because it gives you so many examples of what to look for as evidence.  It can be a brief comment that the child made, a conversation you had with the child, etc. 

Write a one paragraph conclusion (typed, double-spaced = 5 points): 

What did you discover about this child (what are the child’s strengths and weaknesses)?

What action steps will you take to assist the child in their developmental progression (including adding materials to your classroom; scheduling, space, supervision)

What is one way that the DRDP will be useful for you in providing a quality program for the children in your care?

What is one challenge you see in using the DRDP? What is one question you still have about using the DRDP?

Look at “sample” attachment for example 

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