Submit Resume for “Manager in Training” Position
Due: May 23


Create, update and/or tweak your resume to apply for the Manager in Training job (fictional).

Although the job ad says a Bachelors Degree is required, you are applying to it as someone who is planning on having a Bachelors degree.  On your resume, in the Education section, you put “Bachelor of Science in Psychology” and for the date put “Anticipated May 2020” (or whenever you will be graduating). Also, of course, include the name of the school etc.

Submit the Resume here as a .doc, .docx  or .pdf file type. 

Unlike the resume you wrote for PSY 3024 Career Readiness, you should only have real and accurate information on this resume. 

Your resume should be only one page for the purposes of this assignment.

You must put your actual name but you do not have to include your address, email or phone number on this assignment unless you want to. 

Carefully review the Module information on resumes to ensure that you have followed basic resume writing guidelines.

Below is the Manager in Training Job Posting for which you submit your Resume: 


Have you ever dreamed of being a leader? Do you take pride in managing others and improving employee morale and productivity? Are you ready to develop your business and management skills? As a Management Trainee with Career Readiness Solution, you will work alongside managers to prepare to become a manager yourself. Your duties and responsibilities will include, but are not limited to: 



Company Information:

Samantha Taylor, CRS Hiring Manager 

Career Readiness Solution, a Division of UCF Psychology

University of Central Florida

Psychology Department

4111 Pictar Lane

Orlando, FL 32816

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