Capacity building is an approach that impacts the organization by developing culture that engages members in deeper learning and problem solving. Through capacity building, a common knowledge and skill base is developed, goals are identified, and the ability to sustain effort over multiple years if established (Fullan & Quinn, 2016). Building capacity is a collective approach that must be embraced by all members of the organization in order to make critical changes that close achievement gaps and enhance learning for all students. For this Discussion, you will use the Teaching-Learning Critical Pathway (TLCP) model to organize actions for teaching and student learning based on the facts presented in the case scenario.

To Prepare:

By Day 3 of Week 5

Post an outline of your use of the four key steps of the TLCP model addressing the challenge presented in the case scenario and your new plans for collaboratively working together to build capacity across the school. Your outline should provide an analysis of each section, explaining how you will cultivate a collaborative culture amongst your special education team featured in the case scenario video. Share your learning design focused on the key attributes of collaborative work.

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