Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Work-Related Policy Worksheet.
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University of Phoenix Material                                                                                                    

Work-Related Policy Worksheet

Read the following scenario and complete the questions.


Albert Santos is 58 years old. He worked for 19 years as a part-time claims adjustor before being laid off by his employer. Albert’s employer said that it eliminated his job for economic reasons. The employer, in an effort to support its strategic goals, hired new employees instead of training Albert to take on additional responsibilities. The employer also chose not to retain another employee, a 59-year-old female who was the only full-time claims adjustor. Two new employees, ages 38 and 42, were hired to divide their time between claims adjusting and additional responsibilities.


1.     What legislationis available to protect Albert? Is the legislation applicable to this scenario, and can it effectively protect him? Explain your answer.

2.     What programs are available to Albert in your community?




3.     What are the benefits of these community programs, and how will they help Albert?

4.     Can you identify any needs or gaps that the programs in your community do not meet? Explain how these unfulfilled needs or gaps could affect Albert. How might changes to the existing program, or creating a new program altogether, better meet Albert’s needs?

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