Forum 4 (Modules 7 and 8)            

Topic: Based on the interview videos you have viewed, summarize what you believe the 3 most prominent characteristics of a human service professional should be. How do these characteristics compare to those desirable for Christians, as described in Scripture? Which of these characteristics do you see in yourself and what will you work on to obtain essential characteristics you may not have acquired yet? Include at least 2 Scripture references as well as references from the introduction videos and your readings in your thread.

Your thread is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 7.

Reply to 3 of your classmates’ threads from the last module/week. Each reply must be at least 150 words and meaningfully expand the discussion.

For each of the forums, your instructor will provide you with a topic that will help start your online discussion. Each forum is completed in 2 parts over the course of 2 modules/weeks. In the first module/week of the forum, you will post a thread of at least 250 words that directly addresses the prompt provided by your instructor and includes at least 2 references to the textbook. In the subsequent module/week, you will post 3 meaningful replies of at least 150 words each to at least 3 classmates’ threads. All references must be in current APA format.

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