Two topics that I am interested in learning more about is baby sign language in infants and cognitive creativity.  I found both of these topics to be extremely interesting as I had never factored either of these concepts into child development.  In short, infant sign language is said to be easier for very young children to acquire because sign language and gestures are representations of thought much like spoken language (Barnes, 2010). It encompasses the ideas that through the use of performatives or deictic gestures an infant learns to signal with intent thus proving a preexisting capacity for baby sign (Barnes, 2010).  The other topic, cognitive creativity, involves (in my own words) the process by which an individual generates information-based ideas which are then organized and reconstructed thus creating more ideas that occur through cognitive processing. 

With that being said, I can use the knowledge gained to improve the quality of research that I plan on conducting. According to Walden University (2015), as a Walden student I am supposed to gain the tools necessary to apply new skills, expand upon network, gain deeper knowledge, and consider a variety of perspectives.  The information acquired in this course will allow me to do just that so that I am able to effectively address problems in a way that informs society in across multiple contexts.  


Barnes, S.K. (2010). Sign language with babies: What difference does it make?. Dimensions of Early Childhood, 38(1), 21-30.

Walden University. (2015). Social change. Retrieved from

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