Assignment 1: Food Memory


Assignment Instructions


Assignment #1


For this assignment, you will discuss a food memory, preferably from your childhood. This could be a memory of tasting or liking/disliking a particular food, or it could be a memory focused on a dish from a particular eating event, collective or individual. Pay attention to as many senses as you can invoke to evoke this memory. If you recalled a dish at a specific event, talk to others who were also present and see how they remember the dish and the event; analyze the similarities and discrepancies between your recollections.  You can also include a brief recipe if you like. 

Do a bit of research to place your memory in wider context, incorporating related sources when applicable.  Discuss the cultural, symbolic, social, structural, or other meanings of this dish. Specify the social group for whom it has meaning, for what kinds of occasions and settings is this dish prepared, who is involved in the preparation, serving, and consumption of this dish, background, etc.

Is this a food that unique to your culture? What are its traditional names? (And, do these names have any special significance and/or meaning?) What ingredients go into making these foods? How and when are they eaten? Are there unspoken family “rules” about food consumption (e.g., what’s okay, and not okay, to eat; how and where should one eat, etc.)

Instead of writing a traditional paper, I want you to have FUN with this assignment.  To that end, please put together a presentation using one of the FREE online multimedia programs listed below.  

In addition to these sites, you might want to use to enhance your presentations with free pictures/graphics from a wide variety of sources.  

Multimedia sites:

For – go to Try Prezi Next free, go to Students & Teachers click on “learn more,” click on EDU Standard Continue, and create an account. 

For – students and teachers can register for a free account and then proceed to create a multimedia presentation. 

For – students and teachers can register for a free account by clicking “start now.” 

For – students and teachers can register for a free account by clicking “sign up for free.”

The best way to capture the “richness” of this topic is through a presentation that allows you to select colors and music and backgrounds and pictures and images that convey how this food memory resonates with you after all this time.  

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