Assessment item 3
Major Assignment – Part 2
Value: 50%
Due date: 24-May-2017
Length: Approx 3,000 to 3,500 words
This assessment item is Part 2 of your International Business Report and focuses
on Topics 7 to 12 of this unit.
Having now completed a major analysis of the environment in which your business
will operate you will need to prepare Part 2 of your International Business Report
which will offer strategy recommendations to your organisation. Your assessment
will again be in report format and should cover the following:
Executive Summary (a 2-page (maximum) summary of key findings, strategies and
 Introduction to the report.
 Brief background to company and selected international country: ie brief
approx 2 page synopsis of Assessment 1 (Topics 1-6 as well).
 Additional analysis reflecting your further country analysis (Topic 7)
 Recommendation for entry mode and multinational structure/competitive
strategy with justification (Topics 8 and 9)
 Marketing and R&D considerations (Topic 10)
 Recommendations regarding production (Topic 11)
 International HRM issues and considerations (Topic 12)
 Conclusion
 References in APA format
Note that you need to ensure that you refer to the theories covered in the Topics 7
to 12 within your report demonstrating your understanding of these theories and
concepts and their application to international business. As with the first part of
this Task, you are expected to find sources beyond your textbook to strengthen
your arguments.
As is the case with Part 1 of this Major Assignment, a report format is required, the
details of which are contained in an earlier part of this Outline.

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