Assessment and Diagnosis

Write a 750-1,000-word paper that addresses the following: 

**********please include an introduction and conclusion 

**********Please use the attached template**********************

· A definition of screening, assessment, and treatment plan

· What is the assessment process for identifying addictive disorders?

· What considerations must be made for choosing an appropriate assessment tool?

· A general overview of the substance use disorder criteria according to the DSM.

· A discussion about the potential problems that can arise when a counselor relies solely on the diagnostic criteria listed in the DSM for treatment planning.

· Include at least two examples of commonly used substance use disorder assessment tools.

· Discuss the need for crisis management when working with a client.

· Include a minimum of two scholarly sources in addition to the textbook.

When writing the paper, consider using the following level-one APA headings to help organize the content: 

· Definitions

· Assessment Process

· Considerations

· General Overview of Criteria

· Potential Problems

· Examples

· Crisis Management

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide

*****I want to give you some tips for how to score well on this assignment.*************************

· Review the rubric! 

o If you want to get points for a certain area of your paper, look at the rubric. It tells you how to make this happen

o One common error is that people do not include an Intro or Conclusion, and so it is hard for me to rationalize that they have a strong Thesis Statement & Development score. Be thorough and show strong attention to detail. If it is not present = 0.

o Address all the content areas identified in the guidelines for the assignment.

o Use an appropriate structure for your paper.


§ Not web pages. Scholarly = Peer-Reviewed / Published

§ Aim to use current resources as well. Sometimes dated information leads people to state things as fact when they really are not viewed this way in the present.

o APA is King in the counseling field 

§ All written submissions you will do in this field assume you understand APA format.

§ If you are not sure how to do this, consult the APA Manual and do a full read through for a few hours. This will earn you so many points in the future.

§ Find reputable web resources for specific formatting questions if you feel stuck.

§ Also- check out: page has lots of good resources

The rubrics for each assignment are fully utilized in my courses, and I have high expectations for my graduate students in relation to writing and articulating your message through your assignments. 

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