Fill in the appropriate developmental concept for each scenario below (3 pts): 

1.  9-month old Jessica searches for a familiar toy that was taken away and hidden in front of her, which means she understands the concept of _______________ 1pt.

2.  3-year old Sean begins saying grammatically incorrect sentences such as “I want mores” and “Daddy comed home.” This is known as ______________ 1pt.

3.  5-year old Jeremy imitates an act of aggression after watching his favorite TV show. This is an example of learning via _______________ 1pt.

SHORT ANSWER/ESSAY (answer all three). 

  1. Describe the difference between a correlational study and an experiment (e.g., what does each measure?) 2pts.
  2. Compare the abilities of children in Piaget’s preoperational and concrete operational stages of development (early vs. middle childhood) 2 pts.
  3. How does brain plasticity affect development throughout the lifespan? Provide an example (3 pts).
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