Must be completely familiar with APA style formatting! Answer all 5 questions please!

1. The following paragraph has been formatted incorrectly according to APA formatting rules. Identify and describe 4 errors in the following paragraph: 

Smith, Jones, & Terry 2008 investigated the effects of death-qualification on jurors’ confidence. A “death-qualified” juror is one who is willing to give the death penalty. 60 college students were randomly assigned to one of 2 different conditions. In both conditions, participants completed a short questionnaire that asked them whether they would or would not be willing to give the death penalty. In the first condition, participants reported aloud their response, and those participants who were not willing to give the death penalty were asked to leave the experiment. In the other condition, participants handed in their response on a written survey. Again, the researchers told participants who were not willing to give the death penalty to leave. After participants unwilling to give the death penalty left, the researchers told the remaining 45 “death-qualified” participants to fill out surveys regarding how confident they felt in their original death-qualification answers. The researchers found that, “participants in the verbal response condition were more confident in their death qualification status than participants in the written response condition”. The researchers concluded that making public commitments about death-qualification status makes participants more confident in their death-qualified status.

2. What is (are) the independent variable(s) in this study?

3. What is (are) the dependent variable(s) in this study?

4. This paragraph is actually fictional, but imagine that you want to reference the William Smith, Beth J. Jones, and Bennett Terry article, and that it was published it in May, 2008 in Law and Human Behavior, volume 8, pages 234-267. Their title was, “Death Qualification: The Question Format Matters.” In the box below, write out the correct reference in APA format. Note – there is no doi for this journal article.

5. Correct the following references:

Greenberg, Jeff, Schimel, Jeff, Martens, Andy, Solomon, Sheldon., & Pyszcznyski, Tom. (2001). Sympathy for the devil: evidence that reminding whites of their mortality promotes more favorable reactions to white racists.Motivation and Emotion25(2), 113-133. doi: 10.1023/A:1010613909207

Leander, N. P., Chartrand, T. L., and Wood, W. 2011. Mind Your Mannerisms: Behavioral Mimicry Elicits Stereotype Conformity. Journal of experimental social psychology, volume 47, issue 1, 195-201. doi: 10.1016/j.jesp.2010.09.002

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