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Develop and post an annotated bibliography that identifies sources that will help you to answer your literature search question (LSQ).

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Research Articles

For each research journal article selected, discuss how it relates to your LSQ:

Theoretical Articles

For each theoretical journal article selected discuss how it relates to your LSQ:


Binnewies, C., Sonnentag, S., & Mojza, E. J. (2009). Feeling recovered and thinking about the good sides of one’s work. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 14(3), 243–256.

Since work conditions are a critical part of employee satisfaction, fostering positive thoughts and feelings can support an individual’s sense of self. In this study, reflecting positively on work increased positive behaviors in employees and their sense of “organizational citizenship” (p. 243). It was also found that reflecting on work in a positive manner, such as in a relaxed state, had a healthy positive outcome, allowing employees to manage their stress more effectively. This study is an example of Bandura’s notion of self-efficacy and how our positive physiological and mental states can influence our own self-efficacy. This article relates to my proposed Integrated Project in terms of both methodology and content.

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Offer substantive comments and detailed constructive feedback to one peer. What additional topics and subtopics in the literature might he or she consider?

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