Please use the attached financial statement of the “General Funds Budget “to answer the below using appropriate headings and APA formatting .Please answer the questions in a narrative form . I have also attached this questions via word document.

Part 3: Analyze a Budget of an Institution of Higher Education 

What does this institution’s budget say about its strategic priorities?

What budget model is used at this institution? How do you feel it serves decision-making at the department level? What are its strengths and weaknesses?

Analyze the budget’s projections for 2011-2014. Do they indicate any change in direction for the institution?

If you were to write a budget proposal for your department, what would you emphasize given the institutional priorities as reflected in the institution’s budget?

What environmental factors may have affected this institution’s budgeting both positively and negatively?

(Part 3: Length: 2 pages)

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