Task #6: After Action Review 

Although we do not have a complete incident with the consequences for the objectives you decided to implement, the tactics you used, and the resources you ordered, we still need to engage the AAR process.   We do not know how your planned actions would have translated into actual actions and where gaps may have been exposed in logistics, communications, situational awareness and operations. Optimally, the AAR process is the key component to the improvement of performance in planning, preparedness, and response.

1. 1-2 page description of the benefits and AAR process from the syllabus readings. Cite appropriate sources.

2. Since we don’t have the incident results to critique.  Provide a brief critique of your experience as a student in this simulation (Positive or negative review will not impact your grade). Describe what you have learned and what you think your strengths and weaknesses would be in managing an incident of this type.  


Upload a word file that contains both the description of the AAR process citing course resources, your critique and assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.


Week #8 Syllabus Readings

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