In this discussion, you will take the role of a student who is interviewing for an internship position that will allow you to learn more about psychological testing and assessment. Introduce yourself to the class and your instructor as if you were introducing yourself to other prospective interns and the internship director. The internship director begins by asking you the question, “Tell us about yourself and what you are interested in learning from this internship experience.” Assume that the internship offers an opportunity to learn more about each of the types of assessment covered in this course and in the course textbook. Review the course topics by clicking on the weekly overviews in the left navigation bar and briefly review the major headings in your textbook. Include in your post three topics related to psychological assessment you are interested in learning more about and how these topics may relate to your future career goals.

Next, to demonstrate your understanding of key methodological and theoretical concepts concerning psychological measurement, the internship director requests that you, “Explain your understanding of psychological testing and psychological assessment.” Using your textbook as a guide, create definitions of psychological testing and psychological assessment in your own words. Then, compare and contrast psychological testing and psychological assessment and provide a professional practical/applied example of each.

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